Transfer BIG Data 100s of Times Faster

No matter the distance, the file size, or network conditions.

Securely Transfer & Access BIG Data

Using enterprise-grade user access controls and encryption.


By overcoming the limitations of TCP and reducing transmission times by up to 99%, we can customize a solution using an IBM product called Aspera. If you’re moving data and speed or security is a problem, this is the answer. 

Join us for an Aspera Lunch & Learn 

November 2nd | 11:30 – 1 | TierPoint Data Center

Enterprise Applications

Software solutions that integrate the high-speed FASP® powered transfer technology.

Plus Many More Options & Features…

The Convenience of Local Support & The Power of Global Technology.

The technology of Aspera is a game-changer. The custom solution designed and implemented for your company by Rattan Consulting will ensure you’re able to use the technology to its full potential. From the newest SaaS innovations to the tried and true file transfer technology, Rattan Consulting composes solutions using Aspera that meets the most advanced and demanding transport needs of the world. Contact us to start the conversation and improve your operations today.