Business Process Analysis

All our business processes have something that can be done more efficiently, effectively and dynamically.

Benefits of Business Process Analysis

There is a digital transformation underway. Everything that has been established is getting another look. Documented processes are being digitized and potentially automated. Undocumented processes are being captured and modeled. Areas of waste such as unnecessary manual work, bureaucratic-type handoffs, and the lack of insightful monitoring are being discovered and rectified.

The most exciting new capabilities being brought to process improvement are cognitive analytic services. These “thinking” services cut data analysis from hours to milliseconds helping you derive insight from massive amounts of unstructured data which allows you and your team to make real-time decisions.   This improvement is happening enterprise-wide resulting in increased productivity, improved speed to market, lowered operational costs, enhanced customer experiences and increased competitiveness. All these improvements ultimately lead to increased revenue.

Benefits of Business Process Management BPM Infographic 3

Components of a Process Solution

We can help you with affordable cloud options that enable you to start small with a subscription-based model which you can scale over time as your success grows.

Business Process Discovery

Process Discovery

Collaboratively discover, document, and model business processes across your organization in the cloud.

Business Process Management

Business Process Manager

Model, change, monitor and optimize business processes and workflows to improve speed, efficiency and control.

Operational Decision Management

Operational Decision Management

Create, automate and manage business rules to capture the knowledge of your experts.

Cognitive Business Process Operations

Cognitive Business Operations

Make processes and decisions that sense, respond, and learn.

What is BPM?

Business Process Management is an agile and scalable business model involving collaboration between the business units and the IT departments. Far too often, CIOs, CTOs, and business leaders are spending time managing crises rather than developing and refining business strategy. While we can’t promise that BPM will alleviate all business crises from occurring, BPM will provide that agility and flexibility needed to respond to challenges by giving you more control over your operational processes. Thus allowing you to make better use of technology and your enterprise becomes more responsive.

Business Process Management BPM Life Cycle

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