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Since 1998, Rattan Consulting has helped businesses solve their IT problems and innovate their business processes by providing a variety of IT solutions and services. These services include project management, custom software design and development, business process management analysis, network and server administration,  systems backup and storage, disaster recovery planning, cloud systems design and deployment, and staff augmentation.

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Server 2003 NTBackup Alerts

So it’s 4:00 on Wednesday afternoon, and you have a print server with a bad drive in the RAID array.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and with it, a long weekend.  A chance to work on [...]

  • Stuck on Public featured image

Stuck on Public Network Locations

One issue that has frustrated me a number of times is having a computer lose network connectivity and the connection status is listed as Public, rather than Private.  Normally, if the location type is [...]

Backup Alerts: Optical Illusions in Consciousness

Have you ever been in a server room that had you scratching your head, and wondering, “What were they thinking?”  The images certainly don’t give you any warm fuzzies, do they? Several [...]