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Our Goal Is Your Success

Whether you’re a small business needing basic IT support or an enterprise needing to outsource a major project, our team is excited to help you.

Our company has been greatly pleased with the product that we have received to date. Any time that we have needed to be pointed in the right direction, Rattan has been on top of the issue. The personalized service that we have received has allowed our company to focus on the things that we do best without the constraints of waiting on getting technology issues resolved.

Dominic Trivitt, Energy Marketing
I can’t recommend Travis and the Rattan Consulting team enough! They saved us in an IT pinch and did so promptly, professionally and passionately.
Tess Brenner, Oklahoma Shirt Company

Rattan is very easy to work with and has been more than accommodating to any needs we have requested.

Robert Smith, Homebuilder
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Preferred IT Provider for the State of OK

Since 2005, Rattan Consulting has been one of the preferred IT support providers for the state of Oklahoma.