About Rattan Consulting

 Diverse. Dedicated. Service Oriented.

Our founder began planning for an IT services company during a successful 30-year career with the United States Air Force. His unique insights into operational and strategic planning shaped the foundation for what has become a successful Information Technology consulting services company.

After four years of consulting work for medium to large enterprises, Rattan Consulting began operations as an independent firm in early 1998. The model followed in those days has remained a guide for the company and allowed it to grow. Rattan Consulting evolved with the changes in the IT industry, and continue providing world-class IT service. New technologies have been added, new methodologies have been adopted, but the foundation principles of customer care and personalized attention remain.

Today, we still operate out of Oklahoma City. Our customers know us through our secure systems support services, software design and development, network and server administration, and customized development work. We provide these IT services across a variety of commercial, state and federal clients. The industries we have experience with include defense, healthcare, banking, energy, insurance, manufacturing, public utilities and state government.

Travis P. Rattan, CPA, CITP, CGMA
Travis P. Rattan, CPA, CITP, CGMAPresident