Crossing Your Fingers that Your Computer Systems Will Work Today?

Switch to Rattan and enjoy a healthy system that you can rely on.

Because your business deserves better IT service.

In addition to the usual Managed Services such as monitoring & security, our clients also enjoy:

  • Familiar Faces

    We’ll designate a consistent team of network architects and administrators including a dedicated Virtual CIO (vCIO) to your company. You’ll be introduced and recognize the team working on your system.

  • Routine Benchmarking

    Our team performs routine system analysis and benchmarks your system against industry standards and best practices.

  • Easy Reports

    As a result of our analysis, our team regularly produces reports that are easy to read and give you an at-a-glance view of your environment’s health.

  • Face-to-Face Collaboration

    Throughout the year, your vCIO will arrange in-person reviews with you or someone on your staff to collaborate about your needs and calibrate our services accordingly.

  • Quick Response

    A direct line to your vCIO and our staff for quick response times.

Here’s How It Works

Here is an outline of the milestones to expect from us during the first 90 days. Inbetween each of these milestones, our team will be onsite or remotely completing routine monitoring, verifying processes are properly functioning, performing system analysis, troubleshooting user problems and completing updates.

This is a free and casual “get-to-know-you” meeting. We’ll discuss your current technology, business needs, goals, and expectations. There’s no obligation and can be held anywhere: our office, your office, coffee house or your favorite lunch spot, it’s up to you.

We’ll appoint a team to tour your office and take a deeper dive into your technology and environment. Depending on the information gathered at the initial meeting, this deeper dive may not be necessary.

Our Service Level Agreement or SLA will outline the routine services we’ll offer and at what rate. This will depend on the size of your company, the functionality of your current equipment and the time needed each month.

After the SLA is in place, our team will set up the equipment and programs needed for monitoring, security, backups, and updates at your company. If you’re currently with another IT services provider, our team will work with them to ensure a smooth transition.

After the first 90 days, your vCIO will arrange a time to meet. The point of the meeting is to hear feedback from your team, review our findings from our analysis, provide an overview of your environment and it’s progress toward established goals and to calibrate our services for the next 90 days.

Here’s What Our Clients Think

Rattan is very easy to work with and has been more than accommodating to any needs we have requested.

Robert Smith, S&A Homes

Our company has been greatly pleased with the product that we have received to date. Any time that we have needed to be pointed in the right direction, Rattan has been on top of the issue. The personalized service that we have received has allowed our company to focus on the things that we do best without the constraints of waiting on getting technology issues resolved.

Dominic Trivitt, Energy Marketing
I can’t recommend Travis and the Rattan Consulting team enough! They saved us in an IT pinch and did so promptly, professionally and passionately.