Rattan is a Microsoft Certified Partner

If you need Microsoft, you need Rattan Consulting.

The hardware, software, operating systems and cloud-based tools available from Microsoft are undeniably innovative and beneficial but have you ever tried to get help from a tech giant? While they make beautifully integrated systems and tools that provide organizations with a means of working and collaborating from anywhere, they take on partners like us to provide that personal touch.

As a solutions provider, it is essential for us to know the depth of benefits from the tools on the market and how to work them into existing environments to solve customer’s problems and enhance capabilities. Our partnership with Microsoft gains us access to information, toolkits, professional development, and certifications but most importantly, it allows us to pass their products on to our customers as a part of the solutions we provide. We are not simply a Microsoft reseller, nor do we pedal their products over other solutions, but should a Microsoft product be the most effective answer, our partnership can facilitates that need.

How our partnership with Microsoft benefits our customers.

In a word, accessibility. Our partnership with Microsoft allows clients access to local trained professionals with years of experience implementing, troubleshooting and improving the effectiveness of Microsoft products. Whether you need to train your staff on the collaborative tools within Office 365, assistance with the design for a Sharepoint environment, or you’re curious if a migration to Azure would be a smart move, having a certified solutions provider who is available to work together, face-to-face, can mean the difference between meeting your deadline or banging your head against the wall.

How can we help?

Contact us to discuss your needs and perhaps schedule a meeting.