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Issue: One of Oklahoma’s state agencies was looking to expand a legacy program that gathered data from all over the state.

Details: The information was stored in a number of different databases that were either copies of each other, or copies of copies.

Solution: This agency brought in Rattan Consulting to help expand the program and look for ways to make it perform better. Upon evaluating the capabilities, needs, requirements, and constraints in place, our team began to find a number of opportunities for improvement. Efficiency was one of the biggest areas that needed improvement. Resource allocation was another area that needed to be approached from a new direction.

Security was well covered, so that allowed the team to focus on processes. How was the data pulled in from around the state? How did the data need to be stored? Were all the PCI compliance requirements adequately being met? How would the databases be recovered in the case of a disaster or emergency? What controls were in place to monitor outside intrusion? What controls were in place to protect against an insider threat? Was authentication robust enough to provide an enduring model for access control? One by one, each of these questions were methodically answered and resolved.

The Rattan team recommended a new data warehouse concept. Next, they worked with the server group to reduce the number of databases required to store relevant information. Finally, they were able to help design a reliable backup and fail-safe plan to ensure that reporting and accountability were always available.

Finally, the Rattan team provided detailed documentation of what was done, how it was organized and stored, and what could be done in the future to keep the design working smoothly. The agency now has a reliable system in place and has moved ahead to more pressing concerns.

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