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Issue: An energy company came to us asking for help with their billing system.

Details: The company had repeated product delivery complications, and was struggling to keep their invoicing process accurate. Some customers received product and no invoice. Others received invoices and were still waiting for a delivery.

Solution: Our team set about learning the business model. Processes were mapped, diagrammed, and systems identified. Process flows were analyzed and tracked from point of origin to end destination. Accuracy was measured and quantified. Special attention was given to the accounts receivable process. Manual processes were automated. Old databases were eliminated as primary sources of operational data, and more efficient data connections were added to new databases. Analytical capabilities were added to compliment the daily business processes.

Our customer was able to achieve a $2 million improvement in revenue within the first quarter. Shipments consistently arrived on time and in the right delivery location. Invoices consistently arrived in a timely manner and were accurate to the delivered good. As time went by, they were able to further leverage the improvements and streamline their staff processes.

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