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Issue: An Oklahoma law firm was behind on the creation of a program to collect information as required by law.

Details: This information dealt with not only personally identifiable information, but also sensitive data that had to be safeguarded. The program was already past two different completion dates and needed a practical approach to being finished. Their IT Manager was a certified Scrum Master, and the firm wanted to implement DevOps into their processes.

Solution: Rattan Consulting was brought in to not only evaluate the work previously done, but to also recommend the best path to success. Our team recommended a new way to keep the application both lightweight and secure from start to finish. We also recommended steps to put in place on the back-end and further reduce the firms risk of outside intrusion. The IT Manager scheduled sprint plans and set milestones for the project. We assisted our client with technical help as they purchased certificates and set up the secure connections to allow for data entry over the Internet. Additionally, we built a special interface that allowed a secure administration capability from inside their network.  Their IT Manager was able to incorporate testing as we worked, and make a trial run with a select group of the law firm’s customers. We completed the design, finished the branding and user interface, and launched the site. We were able to satisfy all milestones. This allowed the firm to finally meet their deadline and formally launch their program. Even better, we were able to come in under the estimated number of hours planned to complete the project. The firm saved money, stayed on schedule, and was able to focus on other, more pressing matters.

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