What exactly is .Net and what are the terms associated with it? With the demand for .Net development steadily increasing, many professionals may find themselves either hiring a .Net developer or working with one on a project. Either way, knowing some of the basic terminologies will improve communications and help move the project along. Lee Burgess, a Rattan Consulting .Net developer compiled a list of basic terms and definitions found online that would help someone have a better frame of reference when working on a .Net project.


.Net (called dot Net) refers to the .NET Framework created by Microsoft.  This framework runs primarily on Microsoft Windows.  The framework includes multiple class libraries called the Framework Class Library(FCL).  .Net is not a programming language itself, it is a framework in which applications can be executed in.  Applications that are written for the .NET Framework are executed in the Common Language Runtime(CLR).

2. C#

(Called C sharp) refers to an object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft for use with the .Net Framework.  C# was created using elements of C/C++ and the Java programming language.  It is general purpose object-oriented programming language which can be used in a variety of programming from windows forms applications to web based applications.

3. Java

Java refers to an object-oriented programming language.  Java is a general purpose programming language which is designed to run any platform which has a Java Virtual Machines (JVM) installed on it.  Java was derived from the programming languages C and C++.  Java is licensed under the GNU General Public License and is also the main programming language used for development on the Android platform.

4. MVC

MVC refers to the ASP.NET MVC web application framework.  It is implemented in a model-view controller pattern (MVC) which allows developers to create web applications in this pattern.  It is a way to pattern web applications for development.

5. Javascript

Javascript is a web programming language.  Although there are similarities between Javascript and Java, the two are different languages and are fundamentally very different.  All the major web browsers support javascript and most websites have javascript code on their site.

6. JQuery

JQuery is a Javascript library designed for client-side scripting in HTML.  The library is written in Javascript and has many advanced functions which can be used in modern websites.


Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language for creating webpages.  HTML helps describe the structure of a webpage for browsers to display.

8. CSS

Cascading Style Sheets helps define the colors, fonts, and layout for webpages.

9. SQL

Structured Query Language is a programming language which is used for managing data in relational databases, such as SQL Server & Oracle.

There you have it. Did we leave any terms out? While not a comprehensive list of all .Net terms, we hope this basic compilation will help you with your project.  Need more help? Or to consult a professional about a possible .Net project you may want to hire us to handle? We would be happy to talk about the job and give our feedback. Click the “contact us” button to start the conversation.

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Lee Burgess is a dad, husband, a hobby farmer, and a .Net Developer. Before joining Rattan Consulting in 2014, Lee developed internal web applications for an American global aerospace and defense technology company, and later, a petroleum and natural gas company.

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