Tips to Secure Your Smart Home

Spending my days working in the technology field, I am privileged to support many users with their technology needs in their businesses. The other day I read an article regarding IoT and security which got me thinking about all the smart devices (part of IoT) in our homes and how you could better secure your smart home. It is suggested that over 50% of homes in the US will become smart homes by 2021. A smart home is defined by “a home equipped with lighting, heating, and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer”.

Do you know that hackers can enter your home network through your smart devices such as your thermostat, refrigerator, or even a fish tank? As technology continues to evolve so do the opportunities for hackers to steal private/personal information, learn your day to day routines, or use a network (home or work) for their own initiative. Smart devices offer many good benefits, however, along with the good come the real security risks.

Back in the day, it was all about ensuring your WIFI was secured with a password and the WIFI network hidden from the outside world. In today’s world that may not be enough. So, how do we protect ourselves from those who are looking to cause disruption to us or others?

Smart devices including your TV can provide many benefits and efficiencies, but they also come with a security risk that many do not realize. I believe security will improve as vendors continue to find a way of providing convenience and efficiency with security. Until then, be mindful of the devices in your home and the potential risk factors.

Tips to Secure Your Smart Home

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