5 Steps To Get “Remote Ready”


5 Steps To Get "Remote Ready" Top of mind for organizations of all sizes and across all industries today is how the rapidly growing COVID-19 and Coronavirus pandemic will affect their employees and their operations. Whether it is a virus or a regional natural disaster like the recent California and Australian fires, [...]

5 Steps To Get “Remote Ready”2020-03-17T12:19:52-05:00

How To Get Hacked


How To Get Hacked: A Quintessential Guide Life’s a breach!  That’s not a typo, these days too many folks are setting themselves up for disaster – even with all the reports of someone else or another company that has been hacked.  If you want to be counted in that number, there [...]

How To Get Hacked2019-12-11T13:35:55-06:00

Public Folders, Now You See Them…


Public Folders, Now You See Them... A Tale About Missing Public Folders (Applies to 2007 and 2010) Just over 100 years ago, Harry Houdini performed his famous “Vanishing Elephant” act in which he used a huge cabinet and some tactfully placed doors and curtains, and was successful at hiding the elephant to [...]

Public Folders, Now You See Them…2019-02-01T17:02:59-06:00

5G, Low Earth Orbit and URLLC


5G and Low Earth Orbit We recently posted a blog article regarding the role 5G wireless networking service will play for the next decade. There is an interesting frontier under development that is worth taking a look at. One of the previously extraneous modes of communication, satellite networking service, has proven to [...]

5G, Low Earth Orbit and URLLC2018-12-07T17:35:41-06:00

5G Wireless Networks


Welcome to 5G By the end of this year (2018), the US will begin to see the fifth generation of cellular services. Oklahoma City is one of 19 cities chosen by AT&T to launch their network in December. In the case of 5G network technology, more effort is focused on support services [...]

5G Wireless Networks2018-11-30T16:39:07-06:00

Hijacking Border Gateway Protocol


Hijacking Border Gateway Protocol Welcome aboard Our information travels as much as we do. In fact, our information may travel farther than we do. While we have become familiar and proficient with airports, security, and customs, our information often travels in an environment that looks strangely out of date. Routers and switches [...]

Hijacking Border Gateway Protocol2018-11-29T11:56:38-06:00

Remove RDP Warnings Using SSL Certificate for Windows and Fortinet


SSL Certificate For Windows & Fortinet How to Remove Those Pesky Warnings! It's a Black Friday BOGO! Have I got a deal for you!  Many businesses today purchase SAN SSL certificates for their Exchange servers, Web servers, online apps, etc.  These certificates generally contain several subject names so they can be [...]

Remove RDP Warnings Using SSL Certificate for Windows and Fortinet2018-11-16T17:01:35-06:00

It’s About Time: Passwords and What it Takes to Break Them


It's About Time: Passwords and What it Takes to Break Them Please hold… Passwords. Combinations. Passcodes. Security answers. We all use them. We all know what they are… And yet very few understand them. What makes a good combination? Why is this common shortfall a doorway of opportunity that criminals exploit over [...]

It’s About Time: Passwords and What it Takes to Break Them2018-11-01T14:58:42-05:00

The Digital Zombie Apocalypse: Is Your Computer a Zombie?


The Digital Zombie Apocolypse: Is Your Computer a Zombie? As we wrap up National Cyber Security Awareness Month on Halloween, it just seems fitting to talk about Zombie Computers. In this article, we'll explain the warning signs that may indicate your computer is part of the undead, what you can do about [...]

The Digital Zombie Apocalypse: Is Your Computer a Zombie?2018-10-31T14:14:10-05:00
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