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Rattan Consulting Partner IBM

IBM and Rattan Consulting

IBM partners with local firms to resell their full range of technologies and extend a personal customer service experience. While we will gladly resell IBM products to our customers, the purpose of our partnership revolves around the solutions we provide our customers. With access to IBM’s extensive computer systems, software, and storage systems we are able to broaden our offerings and provide solutions using the industry’s most advanced technologies.

How our partnership with IBM benefits our customers:

The truth is, you can buy IBM products directly from IBM but having a local, accountable consulting partner who has been tested and certified by IBM to implement specific products gives our customers an added layer of confidence in their decision to work with us. Think of it like a surgery, would you prefer to buy the scalpel and perform it yourself, or would you prefer to have it performed by someone who is certified?

Our IBM Certifications:

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