As I talk with clients these days there seems to be a common thread in regards to the pain points IT organizations are facing.  One of the most common is finding ways to move digital assets of large data fast, reliably, and securely to and from many locations across the US and the World.

The solution – Aspera software.  This software will move bulk data, one large file or many files, at maximum speeds utilizing full bandwidth from source to destination turning hours into minutes. With Aspera, file transfers are securely transferred using open standards cryptography and can reach 100 times faster than FTP/HTTP transfer.  How, you ask?

Most organizations, if not all, are using some form of FTP or HTTP to transfer files.  These protocols use TCP which inherently struggles with bottlenecks and packet loss.   Once there is packet loss during a transfer using TCP the entire transfer must be retransmitted.  The longer the distance the more unstable TCP becomes and the more packet loss there is.   Aspera uses a cutting-edge transfer technology FASP that has been patented by Aspera.  FASP uses the entire bandwidth available (UDP & TCP) for transfers and will regulate itself to accommodate other TCP traffic on the network.  FASP reliability is recognized in the application layer and retransmits the real packet loss (not entire transfer) on the channel, therefore, there is no bottleneck caused by redundant data flooding the network.

As a bonus, the Aspera software also provides for real-time progress information of transfers as well as providing detailed transfer history and log files that can be utilized for billing and monitoring.

See a product overview video (2:28 minutes)

As the amount of data continues to grow, many organizations across all industries must find ways to support their organization’s success with an efficient, reliable, and timely transfer of data throughout the US and the World.  Aspera is a flexible transfer technology that can be utilized within an application, over any network, and from any commodity network.


Jeanie Hoffman has a passion for helping others. She has taken this passion to the technology field where she has used her talents and experiences to help organizations successfully resolve their technology needs.  Jeanie has been supporting organizations since 1993 with anything from servers, email, help desk, system administration, O365, automation of processes, data storage, and backups.  Jeanie’s motto is and has been throughout her career “If I can relieve a little stress from someone’s day, my day is complete”.

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