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How to Update Antivirus Definitions in Vipre Business Console


When Clients Don't Update Antivirus Definitions in Vipre Business Console A few weeks ago I turned around, and guess what?  Yep, another major virus outbreak had occurred, a new strain of ransomware.  You know, where your data is kidnapped and held hostage until you pony up the ransom.  Of course, even if you meet [...]

How to Update Antivirus Definitions in Vipre Business Console2017-10-10T15:44:05-05:00

7 Misconceptions of the Cloud


In Oklahoma, we know how quickly a sunny day with just the right amount of clouds to provide occasional shade, can turn into a devastating storm that takes months and thousands of dollars to recover from. The Cloud of the IT world could behave similarly, and just like the atmospheric phenomena it's named after, [...]

7 Misconceptions of the Cloud2017-10-10T15:46:01-05:00

The Fast File Transfer Protocol by Aspera


Does It Actually Work and How Fast Is It... Really? An Aspera Review. Having been in the IT business since dirt, I have seen the latest and greatest technology promotions come and go.  Like many of you, I have suffered all the slide presentations only to find the product rarely works as smoothly out-of-the-box [...]

The Fast File Transfer Protocol by Aspera2017-10-10T15:46:32-05:00

How to Block Installation of Google Chrome


You’ve set up your infrastructure to provide the most productive work environment possible for your users.  You adhered to company management and IT policies and created a system to control access to the Internet for the company’s and user’s protection.  Then you discover someone found a way to bypass those controls.  Welcome to today’s [...]

How to Block Installation of Google Chrome2017-10-10T15:49:56-05:00

3 Great Blogs to Follow for Information System Security


Technology is wonderful!  I love to explore new gadgets and applications to see what they can do.  My initial reaction to a new device is frequently, "cool new toy!"  Sometimes they don't even have to do anything useful to capture my attention.  That's the fun part of my job.  The challenge is when new technology [...]

3 Great Blogs to Follow for Information System Security2017-10-10T15:51:12-05:00

Should You Move to the Cloud?


Everyone's saying "Move to the cloud!" but how do you know if it's the right move for your business? In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet on someone else’s computers. It's a major change from the traditional method of providing technology services and there are many variables involved. Your [...]

Should You Move to the Cloud?2017-05-09T16:38:56-05:00

9 .Net Terms Your Developer Wants You To Know


What exactly is .Net and what are the terms associated with it? With the demand for .Net development steadily increasing, many professionals may find themselves either hiring a .Net developer or working with one on a project. Either way, knowing some of the basic terminologies will improve communications and help move the project along. Lee [...]

9 .Net Terms Your Developer Wants You To Know2017-04-19T12:06:45-05:00

Backup Strategy


A backup strategy is the most critical part of IT operations that is consistently overlooked or ignored. Your IT consultant or internal department should take the time to build a backup strategy focused around customer business needs, whether that is local, cloud or hybrid. Types of Backups for a Backup Strategy Block Level (Ex: [...]

Backup Strategy2017-04-18T15:18:03-05:00
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