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How To Resolve Broken Domain Trust Using Powershell


So recently I endeavored to repair a Windows 10 PC.  There were some unresolved issues for which there was no solid answer, and the best resolution path was to perform a reset or refresh of the OS.  I decided to do something a little less intrusive and performed a System Restore to a week [...]

How To Resolve Broken Domain Trust Using Powershell2018-05-18T16:36:11-05:00

In Search of the Alt-Click Menu in Office 2016


So, you’ve decided to roll-out Office 2016 to your users, and you want to know what gotchas you have to be wary of.  Or like one of our clients, you’ve deployed to a user or two in advance, to take advantage of new features the user may need, and found out something’s missing.  That [...]

In Search of the Alt-Click Menu in Office 20162017-12-13T14:53:13-05:00

Stuck on Public Network Locations


One issue that has frustrated me a number of times is having a computer lose network connectivity and the connection status is listed as Public, rather than Private.  Normally, if the location type is wrong, you can click on it, and change it.  But at times, it gets stuck on Public and is not [...]

Stuck on Public Network Locations2017-10-10T15:32:14-05:00

Backup Alerts: Optical Illusions in Consciousness


Have you ever been in a server room that had you scratching your head, and wondering, “What were they thinking?”  The images certainly don’t give you any warm fuzzies, do they? Several years ago, I was part of a group that was invited to Houston to be the entertainment at a Christmas [...]

Backup Alerts: Optical Illusions in Consciousness2017-10-10T15:36:43-05:00

The Ramparts We Watch


How to Allow Legit Network Access Through Your Firewall Is your firewall or antivirus preventing legitimate network access?  If you said, “What firewall?” or “What Antivirus?” stop reading this blog!  You have far more pressing issues, primarily securing a new line of employment.  If you are still reading, how do you handle network [...]

The Ramparts We Watch2017-10-10T15:37:11-05:00

Is Your Business Ready for Disaster Recovery?


As a solution provider who helps IT organizations keep up with the ever-evolving world of technology, I get the pleasure of interacting with many organizations. It’s during these interactions I get a very disheartening feeling that many organizations are unsure of all that is required to complete daily processes, what their disaster plan is [...]

Is Your Business Ready for Disaster Recovery?2017-10-10T15:38:20-05:00

10 Reasons to Choose Custom Software Development over Off-the-Shelf


Are you thinking about replacing your manual business process with a software solution?  Can’t find the program which fits your needs exactly?  Here are 10 reasons to choose custom software development over off-the-shelf software. Flexible solutions vs Ridged solutions. Off-the-shelf software, for the most part, cannot be modified.  Custom software can be developed exactly [...]

10 Reasons to Choose Custom Software Development over Off-the-Shelf2017-10-10T15:40:53-05:00

How to Update Antivirus Definitions in Vipre Business Console


When Clients Don't Update Antivirus Definitions in Vipre Business Console A few weeks ago I turned around, and guess what?  Yep, another major virus outbreak had occurred, a new strain of ransomware.  You know, where your data is kidnapped and held hostage until you pony up the ransom.  Of course, even if you meet [...]

How to Update Antivirus Definitions in Vipre Business Console2017-10-10T15:44:05-05:00

7 Misconceptions of the Cloud


In Oklahoma, we know how quickly a sunny day with just the right amount of clouds to provide occasional shade, can turn into a devastating storm that takes months and thousands of dollars to recover from. The Cloud of the IT world could behave similarly, and just like the atmospheric phenomena it's named after, [...]

7 Misconceptions of the Cloud2017-10-10T15:46:01-05:00
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